A. Thielen for Soni Michel (Half PPR)

I have no trust in K. Cousins, thinking Thielen might become TD dependent, trading him for S. Michel in a Half PPR league. Thoughts?

Rest of roster? What positions do you need to start?
In a vacuum, I think you’re overpaying a bit but I agree with the trade. I think Sony will start to emerge and you’re selling Thielen for good value before a possible dumpster fire starts

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The rest of my roster is:
WR: T.Y. Hilton, K. Allen, J. Gordon, T. McLaurin, A. Robinson.
RB: D. Henry, C. McCaffrey, C. Thompson, T. Coleman, L. McCoy.

I’m looking for a solid and consistent flex.

Typically in any form of PPR, WRs are more consistent than RBs as a flex option especially with RBs that don’t catch. I think Sony and Thielen will be similar in terms of consistency: Sony will have games with 80 yards rushing, 0 catches, and 0 TDs. Meanwhile, because captain Kirk is struggling, Thielen may have games like last week. It is important to note that Sony should have blow up games with multiple TDs and Thielen will do the same. All things laid out, I think the safe money is on Thielen to be more consistent and its possible these first 2 weeks are flukes. But, I think you’re getting fair value and your WRs are fine without him.
I say do the deal but realize Sony will have dud weeks and Thielen could be more consistent

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I actually have Thielen & Sony. I am nervous about both tbh. I also am scared about cousins, but can’t decide who I’d try and love thielen for if I want to upgrade at WR

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