A thought for all those that didn't make the playoffs!

Hey. Ya know what…LOL. FFB is a lot like LIFE!!! We do our research, follow our gut. We focus on the POSSIBLE and BANK on the PROBABLE!!! And then the HURRICANE/TORNADO hits and it all goes to hell!!! In other words…we all make the best out of what we have. If the WORST happens…we just scrap together what we have left and make it work somehow!!!
LOL…sorry if I got a little “philosophical” here. BUT…hey…it is what it is right???
Go with it…we all “win” one way or another!!! We all stuck with it and did what we could with what we had…win or lose!!!
OK…I’m done. Sorry for the crazy philosophical mumbo-jumbo!!! LOL

Just probably lost the Play Offs because of the Kamara injury!!! Which is why I posted this. Might have actually made it this year after going 0-3 and struggling to even be in the top 7 of our 10 team league most of the season…then actually made the play offs…BARELY!!! But…now with Kamara out…who knows??? So…anyway…for those that might be crying and stomping or having “FITS” over losing Kamara…it’s ok!!! You STILL WON!!!