A wide receiver issue

I guess there could be worse dilemmas to be in, but I just cannot decide between Golden Tate and Jarvis Landry. I know Golden Tate is going to be apart of a shoot out against the Falcons and Jarvis Landry is a popular target against the worst defense in the NFL, it makes it hard to choose, especially after Golden Tates lack luster performance last week against the Giants. The Falcons D showed promise against Green Bay’s mighty receiving corps which is another reason I’m leaning towards Landry. Any advice from some awesome footballers would be appreciated! #footclan-community

I like Landry against the Jets. He was peppered with targets galore last week. I know the idea of a potential shootout between the Lions and Falcons seems enticing to fire everyone up on those teams but I like the idea of Smokin Jay Cutty heaving the ball all over the place. I myself am starting Devante Parker if all signs lean to him being okay at kickoff. I’m sitting Baldwin for Parker if he is a full go.

I’d say stick with Landry dude, if the falcons could give Aaron Rodgers a run for his money what do you thinks going to happen to Matt staford, especially since devante Parker is questionable to play.

Yeah, I like where your heads at. While I think Tate will get a lot of targets, it seems that Jobes and Galladay get the looks for the deep scores. Thanks.