AAF Fantasy League

How does the footclan feel about joining an AAF fantasy league? It wouldn’t have to be particularly large to be competitive due to the low number of teams in the AAF.

I’d be interested in trying it.

Do you know if there are any ‘good’ platforms that are supporting the AAF? I’ve seen people on Twitter referencing their own code. My level of interest is above “meh, I’m to lazy” but definitely below “I’ll code it myself!”.

Scott Fish just pointed to https://altfantasysports.com/

I’ve never used it before. If someone wants to commish a free (likely redraft) league I’d join.

PS : I think it would be 6-8 teams max.


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Hopefully we can get a few more

I’m in - thanks for setting this up! I think even one or two more is probably fine.

Heck, 3 might work with this few teams.

im doing a draft right now for it. its a decent site considering its just a guy who decided to make it for fun. only issue, he wasnt expecting it to be so huge so it crashes from time to time. i heard he has over 3000 leagues right now on the site. only issue, is finding out ANY info on players and depth charts. its mostly speculation right now. but its fun guys! i just suggest keeping it to 6 to 8 people otherwise you will deal with issues with QBs

How is the draft setup? From what i read it emails each person when its their turn? Does the commish have to do all the picks?

the draft setup is basic, but what you would expect. no timer, and it emails you when its your turn so its basically setup like a slow draft. i have found if you have a gmail account for email, it goes into spam so you would have to check there or mark it not as spam. the commish does not have to do all the picks you can make your own. its very very bare bones but its effective with even live updates on who was drafted, and who is up next within the draft room. and it does crash from time to time, but it was free and just a thing the guy did for fun so he really wasnt expecting the demand for it so i give him a pass.

Thanks for the info. Was just worried the commish had to do everything

Should we draft just the three of us since the games start tomorrow?

Trying to convince one more to signup so no one is on a bye.

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Just got a 4th guy. Will start the draft as soon as he signs up

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Just started the dradt. You should be getting an email

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I just noticed Kyle Lewis has the top ADP from SD Fleet, but I don’t see him on their official roster: https://aaf.com/san-diego-fleet/roster

Might be worth double checking your player is on the official roster before picking.

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Cool. Thanks. Hopefully fun4willis is still game

Does he know he’s first?

Hes second and on the clock now.

Just fyi i started the draft. You should get an email letting you know you are up

Just saw. Will pick momentarily.

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