Aaron for Aaron

Full PPR 6pt TD

Was offered Rodgers for Jones. Not that I would do that trade but would you counter with Damien Williams? Or lose Jones but ask for Jefferson or Diontae in return. Current RBs are cmc,Jones,Dillon,Monty,Williams, Elijah Michell.

Who is your current QB? I assume if you’re thinking about this trade at all, you’re currently streaming? If you’re streaming, then I might consider Damien Williams for Rodgers if CMC is back. Definitely not Aaron Jones though

Definitely wouldn’t do Jones. They approached me with it. Been running with Darnold so far. Which other than this past game has been working out well

It’s tough, cuz your RBs are set up perfectly with handcuffs for both Monty and Jones. Do they have 2 good QBs making Rodgers less valuable to them? I’m guessing Darnold is gonna be a lot worse rest of season - he was propelled by those rushing TDs. I think I’d do the Damien trade to lock in a good QB each week, but I might want to make sure that CMC is back first to ensure you have 2 good starters this week

Yea it’s a keeper league so they kept Brady and then drafted Rodgers. There’s a team that is desperate to RBs so I might try and packages Williams and see if I can grab a higher end WR first and then go to a QB. Currently have woods, Deebo, Devonta smith and Golladay that just got hurt

Yea I’d do that first too. Your WRs are also pretty strong but lacking the same depth. Great team overall