Aaron Jones: 2019 Fantasy Football League Winner

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Aaron Jones is currently being drafted as the RB16 in the middle of the 3rd Round. Is he worth the draft cost? Spoiler Alert: YES! Here’s his situation for 2019 and why he will be a fantasy football league winner: Hyper Efficiency Aaron Jones = winning. While NFL production and fantasy football production are sometimes…

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Hi ,
love your work, just joined your site and will be purchasing your 2019 content. I have to say I disagree with the idea or notion that Matt LeFleur is going to do ANYTHING positive in GB. he WRECKED the Titans in 2018, they were ( significantly) worse in every statistical category under his coaching. I don’t recall ML ever being a play caller in Atl - he was an assistant.he didnt call plays with the Rams either. His first gig calling plays was 2018 Titans and he failed. can we stop putting him on a pedestal please.

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the site! Fair points there!

To be clear, I do not expect LaFleur to be a fantasy “booster” like an Andy Reid. Instead, I think Aaron Jones has a ton of talent and I’m concerned that LaFleur and the Packers might not use him correctly. However, I’m a Jones truther so I am choosing to look at LaFleur through rose-colored glasses and hope that he is merely competent enough to give Jones a lot of touches.

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Bitter sweet…I have Jones/Rodgers in a keeper league…Needless to say 2018 underwhelmed…but I am looking for a pot of gold at the end of the Lafleur rainbow this year.

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