Aaron Jones Block Party

Finally, he blows up. I played him over Chubb today, in the flex. What a day for both. Super pumped about Jones for second half of season though. He may be a league winner when it matters most.

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So happy Mccarthy decided Jones was the best RB on the team. I scored 178 points this week Im feeling good.

Yes, I traded for him 2 weeks ago! Thank God!

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Aaron killed me this week both my big leagues took an L in one and the other is down to Monday night now…very bummed. I score the most points but also have the most scored against me

That always sucks. This is a celebration thread!

You did good. What did you have to give up to get him?

I’ve been holding him since he was serving his suspension. Finally, he breaks through the horrible coaching of mike Mccarthy. Such a great feeling to have started jones and Chubb.

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A fair amount. I traded CMC, Dalvin Cook and Ty Hilton for Aaron Jones and OBJ. Note I needed a consistent WR1 and rhis was before CMC scored 400 TDs. I had a ton of RBs and neede ti swap out. AJ makes me fell a lot better about trading CMC.

Woop Woop!
Drafted him late this year on account of the Fantasy Footballers absolutely loving him.
It’s been a long road here and we’ve had to wait 10 weeks, and kept him stashed through rough times, but here we are finally happy.
That eejit Mike McCarthy finally listened to Rodgers advice and put it all in AJ’s hands.

Onwards and upwards AJ owners!!

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Turned Landry and Kerryon into Jones on Friday, standard scoring league. Didn’t expect Kerryon to do quite as well this week but the process was right and got off Landry too which was a bonus! Hope this wasn’t a one week wonder and GB understands what they have with using AJ to help open things up for Rodgers and vice-versa…

Played him and and Chubb his week (and Mixon). The two outscored my opponents whole team so far! I also had Shady and Fournette on the bench. Good day for my backs.

You made a good trade IMO.

Thanks man i think so to! He also helped me overcome facing CMC and JuJu this week, along with Gurley. Was staring down my first loss in 6 weeks with Cam’s down game. Went into Sunday 35 points down, i’m up 25 now with OBJ still to play vs his Kittle tonight!

You’re golden.

Ditto, I put up 245 points, unfortunately it wasnt against one of the top players

I benched him for Gordon this week, having persevered for weeks. Didn’t matter because I had Brees, Julio, Ertz and Chubb starting (with Barkley still to play). Steamrolled my opponent after three weeks of sickening high scoring defeats.

I have been waiting ALL season as well…since the draft. It has and will continue to pay off! :tada: I also started Nick Chubb and Melvin Gordon. It’s raining points! :umbrella: :wink:

Let the party roll on!!


He’s new to my team and feeling good!

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