Aaron Jones bounceback?

Im not sure how much I trust him to bounce back this next week and even though I started 1-0 I need to win this week to beat the other 1-0 team in my division. I had him in 2018 with success playing him in the flex but 2019 I felt more frustrated by his usage and lack of points at key moments in the fantasy season. More or less he’s never felt like the first round pick I spent on him the this year and two years ago.
for context here’s what else I got at rb

Gaskin, Edmunds, Montgomery, Gordon

tldr: I dont trust aaron Jones, especially at critical points in the season, and dont wanna start but feel like I have to cause first round pick.

That whole team struggled, even the coaching staff. If you think this is the 2021 Packers then jump ship, but if you think they are a contender then Jones will bounce back.

God I feel like I should jump ship I’m just so negative on the Packers and Rodgers, I was hoping someone would talk me off the ledge honestly

Well, with your other RBs, you don’t have much choice–you start Jones as long as you have him, and live or die by your decision to draft him as your first round pick.

Yeah. Not much of a choice. Montgomery is the only other RB who will give you consistent value and isnt in a timeshare. Jones should be fine. I would wait for a big week to get max return.

Im gonna start him another week or 2 to give him a chance but idk Im not very excited about it lol