Aaron Jones concerns

Am I crazy to consider playing Justin Jackson over Aaron Jones ?

if gordon and ekler are out, I’m playing JJ over Jones. I wouldn’t play jones unless you had no other choice against the bears.

I’m on the same boat. I’m starting David Johnson over him…unless I flex Kenny G or Humphreis.

Point is, yeah man-gotta look somewhere else.

This would be a mistake. Kenny G is getting White in shadow coverage who has legit locked down every single receiver he’s faced not named Hopkins. And even hopkins only was relevant cause he caught a TD.

Personally, I don’t bench studs for replacement level players. And I think many learned that lesson a couple weeks ago with all the spencer ware/ekeler hype. Especially with a player like Jones who is incredibly efficient with his touches and can take a run 50 yards at any given time. Chicago D is the real deal. They are super legit, But if you were to ask me who is a better runner between gurley and jones, I would take Jones all day long. If you put jones on the rams offense with that much volume, he would shatter Gurley’s numbers. As much as I love gurley, he doesn’t even crack my top 5 in terms of talent as a runner.

Jackson is definitely a start and a great flex play, but personally, I am not willing to benching my studs for him in the playoffs. Another thing to consider is that chargers are playing at arrowhead where rivers has struggled a lot historically. Here are his splits at arrowhead vs at home:

Home: 22 points, 1.93 TDs, 0.89 INTs, 274 yards
Arrowhead: 16.91 points, 1 TD, 1.29 INTs, 285 yards

It’s just a really tough spot to play and game script might not be in their favor.


Your input is so informative.
Aaron Jones going back in then. So I’ll run with Zeke, Chubb and Jones in flex?
David Johnson on bench. Sorry to be asking more-

I’d play Johnson over Jones.

Oh that’s a close call between DJ and Jones. ATL is pretty awful against pass catching RBs. Just a matter of whether or not DJ gets the targets cause honestly, det is awful against the run as well but that doesn’t matter when your offense is trash and the OC decides to use Chase Edmonds. I’d go with your gut on that one. Personally, i am starting both cause i don’t have the luxury of owning all the guys you have.

My comments above were more targeted towards people starting jackson over jones.

Thanks, man. Yup, wheelin’ and dealing’ all year long!

Good luck with playoffs everyone

Really appreciate all of the input here ! Super nervous and uncomfortable with it but looks like I’m sticking with Aaron Jones.

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last week AJ ended up with 17\18 points and didn’t even touch the ball until 3rd Q

got most of it on 1 drive.

MM is gone and they still came out of the gate last week with Williams. I have to say that I think something is going on there more than just them not knowing what Jones can do… Either there are durability concerns or something else. I know people will say its pass protection but thats not true either . regardless. AJ still makes plays even though they have him in only half the game

I was also concerned about this topic, thanks for posting! would you guys play amari cooper over jones in the flex position? Or James Conner( if he’s healthy ) over jones?

In the case that Ekeler and Gordon are completely ruled out, I’m still planning on starting Justin Jackson here. Overall, I’m trying to see the higher upside in producing the most points here. Chargers are playing vs KC(Near deadlast in run D). I see Justin Jackson being relevant in most of this game regardless if the chargers are down/up because of his pass catching and running abilities.

Aaron Jones is a stud yes. But historically, Packers vs Bears has always been centered around Aaron Rodgers where the run game isn’t that much of a factor and I don’t see that changing this game. If the Bears D sack + create T/O early vs Rodgers(which is highly probable), I don’t see them running with Jones. Instead, I see them putting in Jamaal Williams to be an extra blocker while Rodgers air it out.

All honesty, I hope the Ballers mention about this tomorrow on their podcast

Aaron jones has surrendered zero sacks or pressures in coverage this year. This narrative is just simply irrelevant.

ANd i agree they will try to use pass more, but end of the day, they still going to have to run the ball. I’ll take the 12-15 touches Jones is getting over most RBs in the league.


If it was in Green Bay, I’d consider Jones. But in Chicago and after what they just did to Gurley and the Rams, I’m finding someone else.

Couldn’t agree with this more, but I’m starting A.Jones in my flex…
But that’s because I have Gurley and Kamara
And you’re right about jones being a better Runner
Great advice

Nah, Gurley definitely a top 5 runner. Although there is value in saying that he gets volume and has a solid O-line.

Derrick Henry over Jones? Stay in the flames?

Gurley ranks outside of the top 20 in almost every next-gen RB stat like tackles broken, elusiveness, yards created etc. Yet he has the #1 ranked offensive line. Gurley is a fantasy study primarily due to opportunity and offensive line. If you watch most of his TD runs, you could drive a truck through the holes. More importantly, have you actually seen gurley break a tackle? I can probably count on 1 hand.

Guys who I think would do what he does behind that line and that many touches and who I think are more talented runners:

Barkley, Zeke, Hunt, Gordon, Chubb, Bell, Jones, Kamara.

I think the one thing that we do have to give gurley credit for and is extremely important is durability. Being able to take that many carries and stay on the field and remain healthy/effective is def an asset which guys like Gordon/Bell/Jones have struggled with.

Zeke ran behind a top 10ish all time O line and is no near as versatile as he contributes little to the passing game.

Here’s the problem with relying on nothing but stats and not having an eye test… Stats are great, but you gotta do an eye test to make sense of them.

So you’re not considering cutting ability at all? Cause I love nick chubb but with that knee doesn’t possess any of the shiftyness that Gurley has. Besides Saquon no one on that list can make a cut like Gurley.

Also, the head coach of Georgia disagrees with you. In an interview when asked about Chubb and Gurley. He mentions that Gurley is like a “finely tuned sports car/jaguar” whereas nick chubb is a freight train. He goes on to say that todd Gurley has the ability to run through guys but instead cuts and evades whereas nick chubb would rather run through.

Also he’s the highest paid RB for a reason… sean mcvay is clearly an extremely intelligent head coach and like most head coaches knows that generally RBs are interchangeable yet he agreed to pay him more than any other RB…

Have you watched this year at all? Zeke didn’t have as much passing game involvement cause offense was designed that way. He has 80+ targets for 65+ catches this year. That’s more than gurley in case your curious. Sounds like you haven’t paid attention to this year at all. Also dallas’s Oline has not been top 10 this year by any metric. They’ve been plagued with injuries and have been objectively bad this year. Rams have been the undisputed #1 ranked oline. Diff between #1 and top 10 is huge. #1 and outside of top 10 is even bigger.

Ah yes, the age old “stats are dumb and my eye test is what matters” argument. I agree with you you definitely have to do the eye test. And eye test tells me both Hunt and Zeke are superior runners to gurley.

I love cutting ability. And definitely agree gurley has a great cut. But he is just far too lacking in some of the other areas. I’d argue that kenyan drake probably has one of the best cuts in the NFL. Also seems like you haven’t watched chubb at all and living in the past. He has come back from the Knee injury like no one I have ever seen and has a great cut and vision. Not as good as gurley with the cut but superior to gurley in running through tackles and vision.

Coach speak is great. They are different styles of runners. But if gurley was so elusive, than wouldn’t the metrics show? Or do you only look at metrics when they agree with your narrative? Gurley is a freka athlete and when he has a full head of steam, he’s hard to stop cause his top speed and jumping ability are great. Which is why he’s been so productive cause no one opens up bigger holes than the rams o line. But not every1 has the luxury of the #1 ranked oline in back to back years.

He’s the highest paid because he is on a team that can afford it and he has been incredibly productive for many of the reasons i mentioned above. No one said he sucks. I just said I think there arebetter runners.

EDIT: One thing I would add is that gurley faces the least amount of stacked boxes in the league. That helps him out a lot. And that’s from coaching/scheming. Not cause of his own talent.