Aaron Jones / Doug Martin / Devonta Freeman

I have an RB2 and a Flex spot to fill. I wish Devonta Freeman was a lock but he has been down lately and is facing tough Carolina run defense. Aaron Jones and Doug Martin both facing weak run defenses. All are projected around 13 total so hard to make a choice…

Aaron Jones, in my opinion. I like the matchup better and he got to rest last week. Plus he’s at home.

Thank you. Would you take Dougie over Freeman then?

Dougernaut for sure. He’s got a big game ahead of him from the looks of it with Winston still sore.

Can u guys help me out? Don’t know who to start between Shepard and Jordy Nelson!!!

Shepard probably until Hundley starts showing more promise. He is a definite top WR for the Giants.

I’ve also got the same issue. I currently have martin in and Jones as flex. I may panic and stick Freeman in last minute but his shoulder injury and falcons being strange in the red zone has convinced me so far to bench him. Just hoping for a big game so I can start relying on him without thinking again!