Aaron Jones - Enough is enough

I’m done with this useage and the GB offense looking distinctly average.

He’s just had a two TD game, giving a decent fantasy score this week. Who is a good target at RB if you were to move him next week?

Without the TDs he’d be a total bust this week.

Go after Lev Bell. Bell put up a dud but he played NE who SHUT DOWN running backs this year. Plus Bell is producing with a third string QB; once Darnold is back, he’ll be even better

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I know its frustratiing, but they were winnning all game and it was raining I think Lafleur didnt want to hurt him. Plus he has all the goal line carries.

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Stand pat with Jones. Talent wins out in the long haul. They didn’t need him to move the ball downfield today, but they sure needed him in paydirt country. Lafleur knows that Jones is the stud in that stable. He’ll use him as needed.


Thanks all, it didn’t help I opted to bench Ingram this week to play Jones…

Injuries are mounting up so I’ll see if I get someone to pay up but won’t force him out there. Want to believe but man this GB backfield is frustrating

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