Aaron Jones — Fantasy Purgatory

I’m getting that feeling that I’m going to sit with a AJ on my bench all season and never get a chance to play him because he is going to remain in this 3 headed RBBC.

Is it time to cut bait on AJ instead of having him take up a valuable roster spot?

My other RBs are Zeke, Wierd haircut Conner, Sony the Pony Michel, Devonte will be ready to play next week Freeman, and Return of the Marlon Mack

Based on your current roster and the fact that Conner may well be time expired after Pittsburgh’s bye week I’d say no way can you cut bait yet.

I still think it will be Jones’ backfield before long he is by far the best runner there and offers the most upside, he has also be much better in pass protection so he is making Jamal Williams obsolete week by week and with Rodgers publicly pushing for him to get more work i think you have to (painfully) hold tight.

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Anyone with eyes can see that Jones is the best pure running back in that backfield but I disagree that Williams is becoming obsolete. I wouldn’t argue that he should be obsolete, but it doesn’t appear that he will be because McCarthy loves the guy for some reason. McCarthy said something earlier this week like “I’d love to get Aaron Jones on the field more, but there’s more to the position than running the football.” I wouldn’t drop Jones by any means, but be prepared to wait this out at least a few more weeks if not longer


I saw a YT comment earlier also that there’s a rumour of Joe Philbin completely taking over play calling for GB with Mike McCarthys job being on the line, and that this would be good news for Aaron Jones, so hopefully that’s true.

Fellow AJ owner here we all feel your pain! Especially cos I drafted him and have been waiting forever for him to take over!

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Perhaps i should have phrased that as ‘will make Jamal Williams obsolete’ just got carried away there, not just with the talk of Philbin taking over play calling but as you say anyone with eyes can see that there is no reason to not give Jones the bulk of the work. The talent will win out in the end and McCarthy must realise that at some point his job will be on the line and he has to just play his best players, second half of the season if Jones isn’t the main guy McCarthy will be coaching his way out of job if he carries on.

Plus if any player has the ability to push for a player to get more paying time it’s Rodgers, he needs the help and he wont want to waste a year getting things right to compete next year. I agree with you and the comments from McCarthy are concerning but i have to believe this is mostly ego at this point and in the end he’ll have to concede he was wrong internally and get Jones more of the ball.

We hope!

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Thanks for the responses. Especially interesting to hear that Philbin may take over play calling. My one big concern is that it’s hard to get an old coach to change his playbook so McCarthy may be stubborn about this till the end. But I’m going to hold at least for a few more weeks.

If, and quite possibly when, Aaron Rodgers retires from football with only one SB ring to his name, Mike McCarthy should be taken out back and shot, along with a lot of the GB front office, for absolutely wasting him.

Jones may be better in pass protection than he was, but we don’t really know that because he hasn’t been given the opportunity. I read a stat that Jones has been called on to pass block on just 4 of his 68 snaps this season. Until the coaching staff starts trusting him in pass protection, he’s not going to be what the fantasy community thinks he can be

I’m only using the PFF grade to be fair, Jones is tied for 1st place in pass protection at the RB position Williams is 15th. Of course volume may be a factor and I’m not sure in either guys numbers in terms of times asked to block etc but it’s encouraging none the less