Aaron Jones for a WR?

Full PPR 3 player keeper

Battling for one of the last playoff spots. Made a trade for Dak already. Have plenty of RB depth but need a WR after woods went down. I don’t want to depend on smith week in and out. Would you trade away Aaron Jones for Godwin? I won’t be keeping him as he would cost a first and I would be keeping cmc.

I think I can live with this. I’d rather get more but I’m sure he’d rather get a healthy rb back. Both of you make sacrifices and given you need wins now this is the right move to be making

The guy in last place has Hopkins. Should I go try and make a trade there? Might be harder to get, mainly because the guy rarely answers trades but he is the better player

Don’t ask you won’t get I suppose. If both were healthy and producing Jones would be highest value so its not totally out of reach to get this done

I’d prefer Godwin ROS over Hopkins. Sounds like a fair trade.

Ended up getting Godwin and a 4th for next year for Jones