Aaron Jones for Brandin Cooks

trade value wise would it be a good move for me? I’m getting brandin cooks. how much do we trust aaron jones retaining the starting job?

What’s your current rb and wr situations?

I would do it

Hold on what? Yea whoever gets Brandin Cooks wins this imo not that close? Why is everyone so crazy high on jones? There is still the threat of Montgomery healing up and coming back, and idk the fact they are not starting a guy named Aaron Rodgers so it’s not the prolific offense of yesterweek Lol maybe I’m wrong…

rbs: lesean mccoy, jay ajayi, aaron jones, marlon mack
wr: deandre hopkins, julio jones, kelvin benjamin, juju, corey davis, emmanuel sanders

Definitely make that deal

Do it in a heart beat