Aaron Jones for J. Jacobs & M. Andrews?

Have a chance to trade Aaron Jones for Josh Jacobs and Mark Andrews. I’m loving Jones but this seems hard to pass up. What would you do?
PPR Redraft. 10 team

QB: Cousins, Brisset
RB: A. Jones, Carson, Mixon, Ekeler, Singletary
WR: M. Thomas, R. Woods, Chark, J. Brown, Kirk
TE: Hockenson, Herndon

Jones has such a high ceiling with his passing game, could you try and trade maybe Mixon 1-1 for Andrews?

I wish but I definitely don’t think he’d be willing to do that. He initially asked for Jones giving me Andrews and Montgomery. But that’s a no from me dawg

It’s wait and see how Herndon does in the next two weeks. Aaron Jones is fire right now

Would you be willing to trade Jones or Carson for Andrews and Jacobs?

Any more opinions?