Aaron Jones for Jacobs and Penny?

Full PPR would you take this for Jones?

I have Kamara, Ingram, Montgomery, Singletary, Brown as my other RBs. I would drop Drake

Yeah I definitely would, but I’m biased because I don’t like Aaron Jones whatsoever.

I’m a Jones owner and i personally wouldn’t unless i was also the Carson owner. Jones broke out a bit last week, and he’ll have more opportunities to do well as the packers had a tough schedule to start the season.

Meanwhile, Penny is just the backup unless Carson loses the job and Jacobs has potential but is on a bad team, the team said they want to give him more targets but only time will tell

Timeshare dislike or the talent out of interest?

I would do this just based on volume. I think Jones gets better opportunities but he is sharing and isn’t going to get 2 TDs a week once Adams gets rolling. Jacobs passes the eye test and will be getting more targets. He is a very talented back that has been sick and a bit injured. This week is the big test against a mid-pack defense against the run. But not sure why you would want Penny without Carson.

I’m on the fence, Jacobs I think could be a buy low and Penny if he gets healthy could take this job from Carson. But I see Carson crunching the Cardinals this week and earning another few weeks grace fumbles or no fumbles…

But Jones and this timeshare bothers me, LaFleu seems true to his word and Williams our touching him is very concerning. Even though Jones gets all the red zone and goaline it’s still not ideal to have a TD or bust RB2…

Valid points and the volume is the temptation. 4 fumbles in 3 games is the appeal with getting Penny in, Carson hasn’t taken the role by storm as many expected but he’s just added value to the deal at the moment

Just think he’s overhyped for a team that last year wasn’t a team who ran, and this year the timeshare which LaFleur has been adamant about.