Aaron Jones for Melvin Gordon & Keenan Allen

This is in a standard league, but im being offered Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen for my Aaron Jones. My current RB’s are Saquon, Jones, Carson, Montgomery, and Lindsey with my receiving options being Juju, Golladay, John Brown, Woods, Fitz, and Stills. I’m tempted due to Allens history of positive regressions in the second half of the season and I really need a reliable WR, but will they truly be reliable options? On top of that, i play this guy in week 12 when these two guys are on bye so its also a clear move to try and weaken my team for that match up which is also something I have to consider. For reference, i’m 4-4 and he’s 2-6. Help me out footclan.

I don’t know if I would. I have Keenan and he is known for second half bounce backs but I’m so nervous about him and Aaron Jones has been good. I think it’s fair though so if you want Keenan and believe he bounces back I think itll work out. You have decent rbs and Gordon will be good if he can return to form.