Aaron Jones for Melvin Gordon - Need to Win Out

At 5-6 I was offered Melvin Gordon for Jones from the 9-2 team team. Due to injuries I have zero depth at RB and I’m on the brink of starting one of Stevenson, Mike Davis or Jordan Howard (if he plays).

Do I take this deal? Jones isn’t playing this week and has his bye in 13. The 9-2 team basically becomes the avengers for the playoffs.

Do I try to add another guy to this deal or do I take it given the current situation?

Put in offers to the #2 and #3 teams for more and see what response you get.

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I think you need to get more. Yes you need to win out but this feels like white flag flying if you do this. As Mr honcho says if you shop him to his main contenders you will likely see much more competitive offers as they seek to stop an avengers side