Aaron Jones for Michael Thomas?

Just got a trade offer for aaron jones for michael thomas? I know he got injured but is it that serious? I just feel like I’m being hustled. Obviously, I should take this right?

Edit: I’m getting Michael Thomas in the offer

Who is getting who?

If you are giving up Thomas then nooooo.

I have been seeing a lot of hype for Jones on here this week, but I don’t see the value yet. If you are getting Thomas then I think you should absolutely do it. Not the other way around.

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Im getting thomas. I know, it feels wrong to accept…

Dont do it

Fantasy isn’t about feelings! Do what needs to be done. Accept.

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lmaooo wtf take this shit and run. he offered it who cares

Lmao why would you give such an idiotic advice?


Take this and run whoever offered you this is INSANE

ah! didnt see he was getting thomas.my bad