Aaron Jones for Pitts?

So I’m in win now mode and the only real hole on the roster is TE. I’m deep at rb (Chubb/hunt, dobbins, CEH, and Jones) would you guys trade away a back like Jones for a 1.02 rookie pick and draft Pitts?
1QB .5ppr

Personally I would rather have the RB depth and try to stream TE based on matchup or just use best available. As a win now team depending on a rookie TE is shaky based on historical struggles of rookies at the position


If in win now I’d prefer to keep Jones and target cheaper TEs like Fant or even Irv Smith.

I think Pitts will likely be incredible for years to come, but I’m not sure in season 1 he’s the difference making advantage over say TE8-10 that Jones is over most RBs in the league

Edit - I’d also argue deep at RB can change by the end of the first Sunday. I’d much rather be in a position where my RB depth is frightening and know that the inevitable injury crisis is something I can ride out and not need to be grabbing a waiver wire body and needing him to work out.


I would probably do that if I where u. With Pitts coming into a great team with vacated targets with Julio leaving and u having such depth at RB I would not blame u for doing it, depending on the league mate u could try and swindle more but Aaron Jones just signed his second contract and we all know after a second contract an RB starts to fall off a bit and better to be a year early than a year late