Aaron Jones Goodnight

Ruled out for rest of game and my championship semi final, goodnight sweet Prince.
I drafted you late in this year’s draft and stuck with you through mostly thin and occasional thick, even with Mike Mccarthy trying to ruin you.

Now with Rodgers hurt, this could have been your day of reckoning.
Instead it is mine :frowning:

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Playoffs fail
First Keenan Allen and now Jones. both if first Q

and top it off Fournette stunk it up

was a good year

Don’t forget Phillip Lindsay, Hill and barkley all sucking.

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Goodnight sweet price. Since playoffs have started, I have lost the following players on my main league of record:

Aaron Jones, James Conner, OBJ, Carson Wentz (Superflex), Keenan Allen. Basically half my starting line up. Was a rough season. Looking forward to next year.


I had Lindsay and Maher play. granted opponent had keenan and Ebron.

But also damien williams, who stole 6pts from my mahomes on a bad spot.

I had Jones and Allen. Needed Thielen to pick me up and he only had 2 targets. Now I need Ertz and Curtis Samuel to have the games of their lives… Holding on to every bit of hope I can.

I’m 14 points ahead and finished for the week.
Opponent has both Kamara and CMC in Monday nights game…

Not saying I’m hoping for both to get very injured in warmups… , but I am, lol.

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My only left overs Ian Thomas … needs 28 points! :smiley:

Good season boys, and girls