Aaron Jones/ Hines

Who to start this week? Aaron jones or Nyneim Hines?

Jones for sure

What about Baldwin or Corey Davis? Got some tough ones this week

Not a huge fan of Baldwin just because of the bilateral knee injuries. However, he is a great WR when healthy. Seahawks just don’t inspire me this year. I like Corey Davis…he gets the lions share of the targets for his team that is depleted of pass catchers. I’m actually currently trying to acquire him.

I am making the same decision and leaning baldwin, Davis is a lead target guy but might get shut down in buffalo

Yeah, as he stated I am struggling to decide with the matchup and game script… making it hard to decide.

Do you agree to play Jones over Hines?

And the footballers recommend starting both Baldwin and Davis over Boyd… thoughts? I need to start 1 WR, 1 RB and 1 FLEX out of this group: Baldwin, Corey Davis, Aaron Jones, Hines, Boyd.

@MikeMeUpp any thoughts on this group?

Give me Aaron Jones vs that detroit swiss cheese D with all 3 of packers top receivers injured/questionable. They are going to run the ball and it’s going to be aaron jones that makes the most of his touches.

Hines isn’t a bad play though, huge underdogs on the road and hilton is gone. He probably sees a decent amount of targets.

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Feel like u can’t go wrong wit either this week based on their matchups

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Would you play Hines over Baldwin/Boyd/Davis in the flex?

Probably not. Maybe in full ppr i would consider it but not in half or standard. I’d rather play Baldwin or Davis.

Yes and I’m playing Hines tonight (don’t have Jones)

Would you start Hines over Collins Lindsay and kerryon (could only pick two max)

Full PPR, 1 WR 1 FLEX… Hines, Boyd, Baldwin, Davis… tough choice this week

Baldwin > Davis > Hines > Boyd

for me but the first 3 are so damn close. Honestly when it’s like that man, go with your own gut. Don’t regret playing someone cause someone else told you to. Better to lose with the players you choose than to lose with someone else’s team.

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Thanks man… fingers crossed!!

Full PPR Hines any thing else Jones.

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Full disclosure, i put my money where my mouth is. I am playing Corey Davis > AJ green this week.

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