Aaron Jones/ Hines

Sheesh! Even with the matchup for Davis and possible game script not going good for Tenn receivers? Guy gets targets but man im worried this week a tiny bit.

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I’d start AJ over Davis… lowest point total of the week and the script is not favorable

Xavien Howard, has been shutting cats down since last year. I don’t remember a single good WR performance against him but will need to fact check that later tonight.

Buffalo has white who is good too but don’t think he shadows and Davis is better. And even though game script is in favor of titans, its not like they’re not going to throw the ball. Even if mariota throws like 25-30 times, I still think Davis gets 8-10 of those targets and has a decent shot at the red zone.

I make these calls sometimes. I don’t buy into the always start your studs argument. I believe in the talent of Howard. Going to be talking about this dude within 2 years as one of the best cover corners in the league. Like Peterson/Ramsey/Rhodes level. More similar to peterson cause hes a dope player on a mediocre/bad team. It goes against all the expert consensus and whatever but like I said above, i’d rather trust my own research and lose with it then lose because i listened to someone else who probably doesn’t know any more or less than me.

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The match up’s are undeniable but Cinci has put up 30+ points in every week and the Phins haven’t faced a passing attack like Cinci is bringing it. Based on Vegas i’d rather take Aj based on total points. I do agree to not always listen to the “experts” the best insight is watching the games and doing the work yourself and hey you paid for your fantasy team so you get to make those decisions not some guy who “says” Good luck on your play… I’ll be curious if it works in your favor.

Yeah I agree cinci will put up points. That’s not what I’m afraid of. I just think those points will go elsewhere. i.e. I think boyd is in for a big day and so is mixon and whoever starts at TE. But with howard shadowing, not sure how much AJ will do.

Does this sound familiar? Two years ago, the Cincinnati Bengals hosted the Miami Dolphins with linebacker Vontaze Burfict returning from suspension.

The result? A 22-7 Cincinnati win, and a 10-catch, 173-yard effort from Bengals star receiver A.J. Green that was highlighted by a leaping 51-yard reception over Dolphins rookie defensive back Xavien Howard.

The play landed Howard - as palmbeachpost.com’s Joe Schad wrote - on the “You Got Mossed!” ESPN segment featuring former receiving great Randy Moss. And Howard hasn’t forgotten.

“He got an opportunity to make a great play on me,” Howard said Wednesday. “I thought it was a push off.”

Howard said it was a deep pass play, though not a touchdown. But what hurt most was it was featured on a segment with Randy Moss.

“I remember it in the back of my head,” Howard said. “Because I saw it on ‘You Got Mossed!’ So I got a little bit of heat on that. I was like (my gosh). I’m ready this week, though.”

Howard did not have one of his best games in Sunday’s 38-7 loss to the Patriots, Schad points out, “allowing a touchdown and picking up two penalties.”

Green has 20 catches this season for 297 yards and five touchdowns. In Sunday’s win against the Falcons, he had four receptions for 78 yards and the game-winning touchdown in the game’s final moments.

Some history… I know it’s 2 years old and Howard has established himself as maybe the next elite corner but here is what happend last time

I remember that game. Howard was pretty green then and if I remember correctly, that was the year that AJ green was literally setting the league on fire. I think he had like 1K yards and 4 TDs after 9 games before getting a season ending injury in game 10. 1K yards in 9 games, let that sink in for a moment… he was averaging 111 yards per game.

Its been 2 years and I think Howard really came onto the scene last year. He was literally shutting down every single guy he faced but he wasn’t getting the respect cause Jalen/Rhodes were also balling out of control and Miami objectively sucked pretty bad.

I think it’s a totally different game now. Howard is in his prime and Green although still elite, is def no longer in his prime. And I bet money Howard’s been waiting for this matchup for a long long time. I can see a scenario where he locks green up to the tune of 3-4 catches < 50 yards. Only thing that makes me even consider playing green is they’ve been lining green up in the slot and off the line / in motion a lot this year to get him free releases. Especially in the red zone.

I think he gets locked up for 5-6 catches but I think one of those catches is the big one. Like I said good luck with your play hope it works out.

But you still like Baldwin, Davis, and Hines over Boyd, right? Lol :wink: Also have Kupp, who has just been productive for PPR thats why I didnt mention him and was going to fire him up

What happened to your boy today?

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Did you watch the game? Packers went down 24-0 lol. Can’t establish a run game when you’re playing from behind down 4 possessions all game missed 0/4 FG. Literally everything that could go wrong did.

hard to account for that and rodgers 2 turnovers. Jones still went 40 yards on 7 carries.

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talking about your Corey davis vs Aj green. seem got your projection mixed up

Oh yeah. I ended up switching back AJ green. I learned the white does do shadow so I went back and watched all the snaps that White played in coverage and he is a baller. And then looked at Mariota’s home/away splits and realized how bad he is.

So i ended up changing AJ Green back in given they were at home and favored and based on what I said before, they move green around formation a lot so figured he’d have a better floor.

Yeah white is a talented back

Hmmm thats funny

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Not sure if you know this but rosters aren’t locked till Sunday at 10AM.

And i found out some new information so I changed my mind. If you don’t make changes after learning new things, I can’t help you.

Still going to play Corey davis going forward. Just didn’t play him over AJ green.

Give this man a break he is out here trying to help us all every week. Thanks brother @MikeMeUpp for your input. I appreciate your help this week. Fantasy football is so unpredictable y’all are wild