Aaron Jones + JuJu for Cook?

Any thoughts on this trade offer? I am trying to put together an inticing trade deal to acquire Cook.

I also have Thielen, Woods, Alshon, Tyrell William’s, and Scary Terry

Rbs on my bench are Thompson and Sanders

Jones and Juju you’d give up for Brandin Cooks? No way.

Yeah I would do that for Dalvin Cook. He’s an outright stud. I would then proceed to try to get someone for woods or theilan, maybe acquire kirk.

The title says cook not cooks

I would do this for cook but I don’t think the cook owner will agree given that both juju and jones stat lines are deceiving and they’ve been saving their days with a few big plays


Ya that is true…but I’ve floated the idea to him and he seems interested so i might give it a chance.

I’m just not sold on either green bays or Pittsburghs offense…perhaps green bay figures it out and jones becomes a stud but I think cook is super safe with Zimmers obsession with him.

I would do that in a heartbeat. JuJu’s value is only going to go down IMO. And Jones workload so far isn’t what any of us were hoping for