Aaron Jones or Alfred Morris Start

I think most people would agree that Aaron Jones is definitely the more talented runner, but with how GB has been using their backs, I have trouble trusting him right now. I am down 12 with 1 RB, Adams, and Gould playing against Kittle and the GB D/ST.

I’ve been saying very sternly on this site that AJ breaks out tonight in a big way. Standing by it so much so that I’ve pledged to never offer another hint of advice if he busts. Start AJ.

I also think AJ in this case.
There is enough rumbling that Breida could hit the field and that could really hurt Morris’ stock.

Kittle and GB DST are in a good spot to put up points so go with the better shot.

I am personally starting AJ and I am going up against Morris and we are basically even right now.

One thing to be mindful of, 49ers Run D is super underrated and has been low key shutting opposing RBs down. Meanwhile, packers run D is like bottom 5 in the league.

So from a matchup perspective, Alf Mo is better. From a snaps perspective, Alf mo may lead. But from a talent perspective, it isn’t even remotely close.

I’m hoping / betting on talent winning out here.

I was worried about Breida, and since GB has such a high powered offense (when they play well), that it could force SF to play from behind. Gonna stick with AJ since his upside has the potential to be so much higher.

Is Breida even playing? I thought he was injured? even if he does play, will probably be limited / still at risk of reinjury.

Any love for Kyle Juszczyk given SF likely playing from behind? If your league is PPR I’d consider it…maybe

I did see him on our Waivers, but since I’m playing from behind I want to try and keep a decent floor. I’m 5-0, and would like to keep this win streak alive.

Play Aaron Jones with confidence I would say…

Breida active so I’d go Jones

Breida still looking good out there and sad they overturned the Jones touchdown. Damn!

Haven’t even seen Morris on the field, so thank God I didn’t play him. That was a bummer, but Adams got me some.