Aaron Jones or Derrick Henry

I see higher upside in Aaron Jones. Would you dump Derrick Henry for him after his horrendous start?

It’s tough, both RB’s are in a really bad place. Henry will at least get his touches, Aaron Jones might get to run here and there, but right now he’s third on the chart with no clear path to move up.

so many people are high on Jones, but c’mon people! He was suspended, can’t pass block a house fly, isn’t a difference making pass catching back over Montgomery, and isn’t a head and shoulders better runner than Williams. Plus with Rodgers hobbled, they need the help in the backfield to protect him.

If I’m missing something with him please let me know.

I do agree he is not going to hit the ground running immediately but I don’t agree with the rest. He clearly is the best runner on that team. yes we know he is not a great blocker. however

Last year Aaron Jones only had 81 carries and put up 448 yards. thats 5.5 ypc. he also had 8 of those rushes go for over 15 yards. he was right under kamera at second best for efficacy

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Yeah I agree, sure I don’t think he’s shown that he’s “head and shoulders” above Williams as a runner. But I think Jones has flashed a hell of a lot more as a productive runner than Williams has in Green Bay. As for Henry, he’s a big play threat that hasn’t materialized yet. I’m not tilting on him yet, but I’ve also been a believer in Henry since he was drafted.