Aaron Jones or Fournette FLEX start 1/2 pt PPR

Fournette is ranked higher in almost all rankings but not by much in a bad matchup. Jones is on the road in a better matchup but the Thursday games always scare me as I’ve usually gotten bad results from them. I’m need one for my flex start, I’m leaning Jones. Any thoughts?


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I’m going with Fournette but it’s really close for me this week

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thanks anyone else?

Aaron jones is almost a must start weeks going forward. Hard to bench him. I would go wth him. Rodgers wants to give him
The ball more.

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I would go Aaron Jones as well. I feel like Rodgers has hardly anybody to throw to, which will make them run it more. I’m starting Jones in my one league.

I do have a question of my own: Tyler Lockett tonight or T.Y. Hilton?

Also going Aaron Jones over Fournette. He’s so efficient compared to Fournette. Well see…

Early 3rd quarter but I’m stoked I went with Jones so far!