Aaron jones or kerryon Johnson?

Full ppr who would you rather have am pretty sure am going have Jacobs as my rb1 or would you think jones and Johnson instead of Jacobs

I would take both Jones and Johnson over Jacobs.

KJ vs AJ has been an internal battle of mine for the entire off season. I’ve flipped back and forth but as of right now, I’m going AJ. I think he’ll get an uptick in the passing department and finally get to that 16-18 touch per game in this new offense.

But honestly, in full PPR, a strong case could be made for KJ. I am just a huge AJ truther and have been since the beginning so just sticking with my guy here.


Picked aj up last year off waivers and helped me win the championship , so I know how you feel just there is so much hype around Jacobs but a think logically your right if aj gets the touches will be a stud eye test says it all

@MikeMeUpp thanks again mike

If you were on these forums last year, you may have seen me pound the drums for AJ at least once a week leading up to him coming back. If you were to guarantee me that AJ were getting 18 touches a game, I’d take him as a top 8 RB. He’s that talented. Obv we can’t guarantee that which is why you can get him where you can.

I like Jacobs too. He’s my top RB out of this class. But i’ve already seen A Jones produce at an elite level so it’s not guesswork. It’s just opportunity. Haven’t seen Jacobs do anything in NFL yet. That’s where the split comes for me.

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Take the known talent. Jacobs might be good but how many rookies have we seen not cut it? KJ is poised for a big role and AJ is on a stellar offense. Those alone tip the scales for me.

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Aaron Jones for me too. He has so much talent and if he gets more work in the passing game, oh boy.

I think I would lean Aaron Jones in a PPR and K Johnson in a standard league.

Kerryon is about 1000 times better than Jones. There is a direct correlation between player quality and drop quality. This makes Kerryon RB #1 Will Dissley TE #1 Jared Goff QB #1 and a three way tie between Juju Keke and Dede at WR. If a player doesnt have a drop or a nickname they are trash.

@BrownsWinSB54 brings up the point that Johnson is better. I’m not gonna argue about that. I was talking about which team has the better offense. Better offense usually increases the chances of scoring more TDs. Jones also has proven nfl hands. Johnson has hands but he also has a defensive minded coach. Keep that in mind that most Defensive minded coaches prefer low scoring games.

AJ or fournette?

Aaron Jones. I will not have any fournette this season or next.

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