Aaron Jones or Lindsay ROS

Both are in a timeshare it seems; which one would you rather roster and start

Jones all day- better player, better offense, less of a timeshare

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Jones, for all the reasons already stated!

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Only issue is that jones will probably cost me a bit more in a trade than lindsay

What is your roster? Starting position requirements? And trade ideas you have?

Not great right now, I need help at RB. I have Carson, Montgomery, Sanders, and Coleman. I have a trade in place for Aaron Jones, but I also have 2 separate trades in place to get both Josh Jacobs and Lindsay… can’t get all 3 though

What are the trades?

Trade 1: His Lindsay (and Chark) for my Juju (and Miles Sanders)

Trade 2: His Jacobs for my Ertz

Trade 3: His Aaron Jones for my Juju and Ertz (I just think this is way too expensive)

Another trade I can make is for Mixon:
Trade 4: His Mixon and Josh Allen for my Lamar and Juju

Jones here, not even close.

Ertz and juju too much to give up for Jones to me.

Based on those trades, would u make any of them? I’m going after Gallman on the wire today but I don’t really believe in him

Trade 3 is way too expensive! 1 and 2 i dont like eithet.

Ttade 4 is the only on i could think about, but it depends on your remaining wrs.

My other WRs are Hopkins, Tate, Kirk, Dorset and I just picked up Shepherd off waivers today as well

In ppr id keep juju, in standard its a tough call.

I’m in half ppr

Then get something else done juju+hopkins is brutal.
Did u get Gallman?

Brutal as in bad? I didn’t get gallman

Another offer I’m working on potentially is Ertz and Lamar for Chubb