Aaron Jones or Marlon Mack?

Mack is available on waivers right now, should I drop Jones for Mack? Or maybe drop Duke Johnson?

My other RBs: DJ, Coleman, Clement, Kerryon, Duke Johnson Jr

Drop Clement. Get Mack.

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I might be using Clement+Coleman in a trade to pick up Diggs so I don’t wanna drop them right now

You’d drop Clements over Duke? That’s puzzling unless you think Philly trades for/acquires another RB soon.

What has clement done so far? Philly always uses an RBBC. And you have no way of telling who is going to be good in any given week. Plus I think theres still a decent chance they add another player to that committee making it worse. Good luck trying to guess who to play out of smallwood or clement on a weekly basis.

I can see Duke actually carving out a role for himself. He already was starting too and then last game inexplicably fell off. But I think going forward, he’s still the passing down guy and their 2nd best receiver.

If you’re using Clement in a trade, than drop duke.

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I guess alot of people still see value in Clement. Today someone in my league did:

Bell, Clement, Gronk for Drake, Ertz.

Useful in trades I guess.

Nevermind, wont be using Clement in a trade, guess I’ll drop him for Mack. Have a feeling I’m going to be in competition for Mack though…

I only have $28 left (lowest in my league), and my league’s remaining waiver budget average is about $51. How much do you think I should bid to get Mack? Considering I’ll be dropping Clement. Sidenote: the Smallwood owner who is desperate for RBs, just told me he would be dropping Smallwood too. He has $54 left, so I can safely assume he’s probably going for Mack as well

you should bid everything. And you’ll probably lose.

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Wait what? I can’t tell if you’re sarcastic or not haha

Why would I bid everything I’ve got left if I’m probably going to lose?

Agreed, bid everything, but it won’t be enough. (You don’t lose your money unless you win)

Is it smart to bid the rest of my budget in Week 8? Won’t that really hinder me for the rest of the season+playoffs?

First time in a FAAB league

I’m assuming you can do $0 bids for players no one else bid on to fill out your roster on various weeks. If so Mack is worth way more than anything you will buy for under $28 rest of season anyway, so might as well try and get a core piece.

I’m not being sarcastic. You should bid everything on the off chance your league mates are morons.

But I’m saying you will likely lose if they aren’t dumb.

What about for the rest of the season then? I’m banking that I’m sticking with this team for the rest of the year? and hoping I win bids on $0?

I’m also looking to pick up Trequan Smith so I guess I’ll have to just bid $0 for him

You’re halfway in the season. Don’t be those nits who sit on FAAB only to have to use it later on guys like Chris Ivory. When a starting RB shows up on the waivers, I am always willing to spend everything.

Only thing you need to bid on going forward is defense. And if you plan a couple weeks ahead, you won’t need to spend $.

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Good to know, thanks. Still learning the ropes with bids and FAAB, brand new system to me

At least you’re adapting with the times. I find that people who are new to faab, are always way too conservative with thier bids. Throwing the odd 10% here and there. The way I do FAAB is I just wait for impact players, and i bid huge. And i typically bid on them early. Guys like Lindsay, as soon as he showed up i bid like 30-40% after week 1. Cause getting an every week starter from week 1 is very rare. And then when Chubb came around, i bid everything. And now if Mack is there, i would be willing to bid everything cause we halfway through the season. Longer you wait to use FAAB, the less valuable cause there’s less games you get that player for.

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Makes sense, I messed up quite hard early in the season with my FAAB bids, and so I’m worried if I spend the rest of my budget on Mack now, I’ll be struggling for the remainder of the season.

But I guess I have to remind myself of this, I need to make the most of Mack now to get me into the playoffs at least.

So… I got Marlon Mack beating out bids of $23, $18 and $7

It was haha