Aaron Jones or Mike Boone MNF

Yes, I’m serious. Jones has had only one good game away from home and only scored twice away. His production has seriously fallen off in the 2nd half of the season and I don’t want to sit lightning in a bottle(Boone) for some feeling of I have to "bring what I brought"in Jones. Having these two also allows me a little Monday night flexibility, at least. BTW, this is a 1/2ppr league with standard bonuses.


I feel like this is a classic example of talking yourself out of a good thing. Jones went ham on Minnesota in week 2 and there’s no reason to expect that he won’t do the same this week. Yes, he definitely had a couple of down weeks, but I’m not giving those too much weight. Boone, on the other hand is basically unproven. His good showing last week is really on the strength of two TDs and there’s no guarantee that he finds the end zone this week.

I’ve literally got both guys on my roster and am not hesitating to play Jones with 100% confidence.

Best of Luck

I would still roll with Jones. Hes the clear 1 and gets work in the passing game. Boone has talent but is still the RB3 when everyone is healthy. MN will involve all 3 backs at some point in the game…I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ham or Abdullah score.

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PHEW! Thanks guys! I needed the “talk off the ledge” moment. Nice to have them both in Monday nights game though. So here’s what I am rolling out for this weekends big cash money league. 1/2 ppr

QB- Lamar
RBs- Fournette, Aaron Jones
WRs-Thomas, McLaurin
TE- Kelce
Flex-Mike Boone
DST- Denver

Thanks again guys. Nice to have some outside perspective. And yes xone01, CLASSIC talking myself out of something.

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