Aaron Jones or Penny

So I have Aaron Jones on my bench and just holding onto him until his 2 game suspension.

The rasard penny owner is a big packers fan.

Do you expect penny to be better later on in the season than penny?

Should I buy low on penny now that he is injured or keep Jones and see what I have with him.?

So should I trade Aaron Jones for rasard penny? Or hold pat


I think Penny is the more valuable back personally, even if he IS injured. This is a post-draft trade yes?

If so, I’d probably see if he was willing to take Jones for Penny if he really loves the Pack.

Yes… We drafted August 4th…

So I was hoping maybe get penny and throw him on IR(if ESPN changes his status to out which I assume they will) and pick up a peyton barber, Michael gallup, rob Kelly or someone that is on the waivers as well… So kind of work out a 2-1 trade in theory

I’m not convinced how long Penny is going to be “out” for - this “out for sometime” designation has been driving me nutty. I do love Gallup right now, but I’m still not sold on Barber (Doug Martin averaged sub 3 yards per carry and Barber STILL couldn’t take the job from him…) and I hate Rob Kelley with a burning passion reserved for the lowest rings of hell (and Tim Hightower).

Is this dynasty or redraft? Actually doesn’t even matter. It’s easily Penny for me. Jones might not even have a job once he gets back. But in dynasty, would be even more absurd of a trade.


I think the real trick is convincing the Penny owner that the injury is serious enough to move him for a suspended player. I guess if he buys into Jone’s efficiency on the ground…

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@MikeMeUpp keeper auction league.
Penny $15
Aaron Jones $7

So I’m going to try

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Is that a $200 budget? Yeah I’ll take Penny. People are like obsessed with Jones’ talent. But he’s suspended for 2 games and Williams is by no means talented but when given the opportunity last year, he was totally fine and produced pretty well as well. And that was with stacked boxes and Brett Hundley at the helm. There’s a strong chance he just secures the job in the first 2 weeks and Jones doesn’t even see the field as a starter.


@MikeMeUpp yes $200 budget… I sent the offer… We will see if the pack fan bites.

Thanks for the help