Aaron jones ros?

So Aaron jones is available on my waivers I just lost freeman so I picked up Mack and Ito but would you either have jones ros than one of these two ?

Do you need a win this week. Are they starting for you?
Mack would be who I would drop of it doesn’t look like you’ll need him the next couple of weeks. See how the gb rbs pa put post bye

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Iam 5-1 have Gurley clement and McCoy as my other rbs so none are starting just upside am looking for for playoffs really

I think Aaron Jones ends up the lead back. He’s clearly the better runner. Hopefully the coaches will start giving him the opportunity.

That being said, Mack is the clear best back in Indy.

Both backs are led by great QBs. ROS though, I go wth Jones

In another thread i predicted AJ will have 2-3 solid fantasy outings the remainder of this season and good luck predicting them. This is all assuming Rogers stays healthy. If Rogers were to go down, you have a top 5 RB on your bench instantly. With Rogers running this offense however, I can’t see GB using any of their RBs in a dominant ground approach. They’ll catch out of the backfield and attempts rushes just enough to have a solid play action decoy. This is my bitter feeling after falsely predicting a breakout game for AJ this past Monday.

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