Aaron Jones trade review

I receive Aaron Jones and trade away Jonathan Taylor and Robby Anderson.

  • A. Ekeler
  • J. Taylor
  • M. Davis
  • David Johnson
  • A. Dillon
  • T. McLaurin
  • C. Lamb
  • Diontae Johnson
  • R. Anderson
  • D. Mooney
    I figure boost up my RB and lose a WR that would more than likely ride the bench most of the season barring a massive breakout.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

I dunno man, as much as I like Jones as an RB1, and dislike Taylor as an RB1, I don’t think Darnold makes Anderson WORSE–so that means Anderson is going to still be a top 20 PPR WR and if not a starter for you, at least a phenomenal bye week/injury plugin if you need him (Lamb and Diontae share a Week 7 bye).

And it’s not even like you need to use Taylor as an RB1, because you have Ekeler. I’m not sold on Ekeler being a solid RB1 either, but between the two of them, you should see RB1 production from one or the other most weeks, with the other being an adequate RB2, so I don’t know that Aaron Jones makes you THAT much stronger that you need to sacrifice a top 20 WR to gain a couple of ppgs.

It’s not insane, especially if you don’t think Robby remains top 20 material, but I wouldn’t do it.

I’m with AxeElf here.

I’m about as big of an Aaron Jones fan as you’ll find, but I just don’t think the difference between Jones and Taylor warrants moving a guy like Anderson.

I think Robby and Diontae are essentially a wash and having that sort of WR2/3 depth is a good thing.

I would see if Mooney could be included instead of Robby or discuss another player to come along with Jones.

Good points! I think Jones could be top 3 potential with this being Rodgers “last dance” with the Packers, whereas I’m personally not that bullish on Taylor. I had him on my team last year and his inconsistency from week to week killed me. I think Green Bay will be an explosive offense this year and am pretty convicted on that. But I do agree I should give a counter for the Robby side of things. He does have Michael Thomas, so maybe I’ll try that counter.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Agreed with what has already been said. I don’t think you are gaining enough for what you are giving up. If it was CMC, that’s another story.