Aaron Jones trade thoughts?

Would you trade Godwin or TY Hilton for Aaron Jones?

Standard league

My RBs: Connor, Michel, Breida, Kerryon, Ronald Jones, and Miles Sanders

My WRs: Michael Thomas, Godwin, TY, Robby Anderson, DJax, and Tyrell

I personally don’t think you would be upgrading your RB’s that much. I think Connor and Kerryon are both better than Jones, and then you have decent depth behind that. In my opinion no need to trade one of your top 3 WR’s for a guy who might play for you during bye weeks for those other 2 guys.

Disclaimer: I think Jones is overvalued and his numbers have been inflated by TD’s. He has had 1 game but has been very inefficient in the other 3.

We expanded the possible trade to:

TY and Ronald Jones
Aaron Jones and Josh Gordon