Aaron Jones worth a roster spot? Playoff Help!

Have a bye this week and just picked up aaron Jones off waivers. Is he worth a roster spot or would you prefer a guy like Peyton barber, Goodwin, or as crazy as it sounds rostering a second kicker in Will Lutz. Have Matt Bryant but Lutz has been money. It’s a big money championship so I need to win it this year and reclaim my crown. Have Bell hunt Shady Morris and Lewis as my backs and have Evans Julio Alshon(just acquired for Baldwin) and juju. Have Jags D, jimmy graham and Wentz and Tyrod to round out my roster. McKown is also on waivers so is mariota. Just trying to bolster my roster for weeks 15(especially) and 16. Also this is last week of trading(Thursday) for playoff teams only do open to any suggestions! Thank you!!

Get Mccown NOW even as a block to an opponent(unless your’re sure no one you might play will need him)
I dont think Jones is worth it. Not that you will start any of them with your roster but i think Barber and Goodwin are much better opponent blocks than jones.
good luck!!

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Thank you man I really do appreciate the input!! Do you think I should drop Tyrod for McKown? Realistically I’m playing Wentz no matter what but which do you think is a better opponent block? Tyrod isn’t exactly healthy or safe but has juicy matchups, either way thanks for any and all advice!

I would def drop tyrod to get mccown off the waiver wire(actually just dropped tyrod for gabbert)

** SOOOOO I am actually listening to the espn podcast at the moment and mike clay is really pushing info from Demovsky that Jones is the lead back when healthy and that he wasnt a full go last week. I dont know what to believe there but i think i would still rather have my opponent to have to deal with that situation than be able to pick up and play Goodwin against me…

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Honestly man that’s what I’m thinking Jones just has hat game breaking ability and can go off for 15+ any week so I feel he’s a great add to keep off an opponents team. My issue now is dropping Tyrod for McKown, as well as figuring what 2 WRs to start week 15 between Julio, Evans, Alshon, and Davante Adams. Or if I should play 3 and bench an RB like Kareem Hunt. This championship could literally change my Christmas plans so I really need 2 more wins lol here’s to Lady Luck for both of us my friend!

I would personally rather see tyrod in my opponent’s lineup than mccown which is how I would make that decision. Tyrod has lost the week for a fantasy team 2 of the last 4 weeks.

I would def play 3 of those WRs instead of hunt

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