Aaron Jones!

Is Aaron Jones worth a roster spot over Devontae Booker or Darkwa?

Over Darkwa, yes. Not over Booker IMO

Thanks. I kept Booker and picked up Burkhead instead. Dropped Darkwa. Would you keep Burkhead, or would you rather have Jones?

I believe so especially now that Montgomery got put on IR

But I believe Burke head has more value right now than Jones

Both situations are a mess. Burkhead has more value right now (and ROS in PPR), but long term I like Jones more. life-long Packers fan disclaimer Jones and Williams will probably split, but if/when Rodgers returns I see Jones being a scat-plus…

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@matthew_reller @Rwendy7 thanks for your input. As a packer fan I tried trading for Jones, but am glad I didn’t. Now that he’s on waivers, I’m tempted to grab him. I did grab Burkhead since he is the safer option… but Jones could be a league winner. My other RBs are Freeman, Gordon, Drake and Booker… so whoever I go with is merely an upside play in case Gordon or Freeman get injured.