Aaron jones

What’s the census on Aaron Jones rn? I get that he’s a stash with upside but do people think he is gonna take the job? Is it close to a 50/50 chance?

I think Aaron Jones is gonna rage. Im sure others will disagree. He won’t be work horse though. They will split em

I have him stashed on my team. I’m expecting him to be the lead back by week 5. It’ll still be a committee with him, Williams, and Montgomery, but I think Jones ends up as th top dog value. I’m looking to get low/mid RB2 value out of him in a .5 PPR.

After watching Williams run like Fat Lacy for the past 2 weeks, I think jones will get his shot. I don’t think there will ever be a work horse here but if I were to pick my horse, it’s jones. I’d much rather own Jones and see him get 10-15 touches than own Williams and watch him do nothing with 15 touches.

My pre season pick was Williams cause I heard he lost weight and thought he’d do better with rodgers back and a healthy Oline but he just isn’t good at football. I’m much more comfortable now with all of my aaron jones shares everywhere that he will win out and pay off.

Glad to hear it, this was mostly my opinion but since seeing Jamaal week 1, but havent heard anything really about either of them for a while. Mostly I was just rattled because I feel like he has a lot of upside but nobody seems to be talking about him.

As you know, fantasy community in general is typically 1 week behind and not really forward thinking. Everyone is busy talking about stuff that happened this last week. But Aaron jones has been a frequent target of mine in the off season so I am hoping it bears fruit.

I think he has a good shot at winning the job but a couple other things working against him. I am hoping that he was able to improve his pass pro a bit compared to last season, just like how Ty Mont was able to do so in his second season. If his pass pro is even remotely competent, I think he runs away with the job and it’s not even close. Williams just isn’t a good runner by any metric. The dude literally has zero broken / evaded tackles through 2 weeks. zero. That’s just not going to cut it.

I drafted Williams, but cut him already. With Rodgers hobbled Williams still will get a lot of snaps because he’s very good at pass protection, but that doesn’t mean he will get a lot of carries or targets. It basically keeps Aaron Jones from getting more than a time share, even if he looks better and does more with his touches.

You’re basing that assumption off of Aaron jones not having improved at all in the offseason. The value jones brings to the run game will outweigh how incrementally better williams at pass pro. If Jones is even remotely good at pass pro, I don’t think Williams sees the field anymore by mid season. Cause having the run game brings more people in the box and opens up the passing game and allows rodgers to get 1 on 1 matchups for his WRs and hence, get the ball out quicker and inherently gives him more protection anyways.

Now if Jones is still absolute trash at pass pro, that will definitely impact him more but most rookies struggle with pass pro first year and typically pick it up in 2nd year. Ty Mont in his first year was one of the worst rated pass pro backs in the league. In his second year, he was top 5 and he didn’t even play RB in college. I am expecting jones to have improved on that front. And if he has, he’s going to win the job. He still won’t be a work horse. It’ll still be an RBBC but the split will be much more in Jones’ favor. Maybe he sees like 60-70% with Tymont/williams splitting the rest. Remember when he first played, jones was getting like 20+ touches a game. No reason to think that is not possible. As much as GB preaches about using an RBBC, historically, they’ve tended to use 1 lead back. Last year it was Jones/Williams depending on who was healthy. Years before that it was like Lacy, ryan grant, etc. I see it to be the same thing this year with Jones winning out.

Talent wins out in the NFL more often than not. And Jones is the superior talent.

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If you have Williams, mainly a bench warmer, you’re dropping for Jones no question?

Oh yeah if jones is on waivers, he doesn’t belong there. I’d drop williams for him pretty quickly. If your league is competitive/savy, jones is going to be a hot add this week. Although to be honest, if it was really savy, he would’ve been drafted and not on waivers to begin with.

You gotta temper expectations a bit though. He’s not goign to just come in and immediately take the job from williams. Might take a couple weeks. Just monitor his snap count and market share and most importantly, watch the games to see how they use him. I’m going to be watching that backfield very closely.

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I don’t have any need for him at the moment, but with DJ being sad, and LF27s injury worries I may need one down the line.

Also, if you don’t mind, I posted a topic called Matty Ice, Blake the Snake, or Fitzmagic that I’d appreciate you checking out. You seem to know your stuff lol.

The perfect time to buy and spend on faab, is when you don’t necessarily need that player but they have league winning upside. Aaron Jones is that.

If you’re asking for ROS

Matt Ryan (good schedule, best offense out of 3) > Bortles (Good schedule, but its bortles and he always disappoints so temper expectations) > Fitz (if i knew for a fact he had job locked up, i’d take him, but he’s gonna be on a short leash so second he messes up, they gonna go to jameis).

If you’re asking for next week, its:

Fitz (best matchup vs steelers swiss cheese defense) > Ryan (good matchup at home vs NO)> Bortles (good matchup too, wouldn’t fight you if you started him over ryan but ryan has more weapons).

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That’s a very good take on Jones and pass protection. I’d love to see him really win the job and get to stay on the field for most of the snaps.

You and me both brother. I put my full stock behind him in multiple leagues. He was one of the backbone pieces of my zero RB approach this off season so if it doesn’t work out, I’m in for a world of hurt :sweat_smile:


Yeah he was drafted in my league and then dropped after week 1, I was so hyped to see him on the waivers because I was disappointed I didn’t get him. Also I totally agree with your outlook on him which is why I was asking in the first place