Aaron Rodgers for Lamar Jackson? Help time is short

I’m in a standard keeper league. 1 keeper (saquon Barkley for me) is off the board then 1st round 2nd etc.

The offer is Rodgers and a 1st for Lamar Jackson. I’m not tanking and believe I will make playoffs. I’m thinking I could flip this first for a star Near deadline to a non playoff team. Heading into playoffs with Rodgers and great player whoever it may be. I would also ask is Lamar Jackson going to keep this 30+ per game going. I’m leaning towards taking it. Rodgers ain’t no scrub

Rodgers schedule starts to get easier so it a good buy low opportunity.

I have been wrestling with Rodgers and Adams in multiples leagues. I just can’t get a feel for whether age is starting to set in, or it’s the new coach/offense, or just hard defenses to open up against. Probably some combination of it all. I am holding on, but that 0-2 start has his value depressed.