Aaron Rodgers for Mahomes

Should I offer Rodgers for Mahomes?

Now I am not suggesting that Mahomes is better than Rodgers, however, as this was an auction league I’m not draft pick invested to Rodgers. Coupled with Rodgers’ injury is the fact that this week I’m playing against a team starting Hunt, Hill and Kelce that also happens to have Howard, Beckham and Barkley.

Would this be a tilt desperation offer, or a bold move to try to slay this beast of a team. Keep in mind, no guarantee the trade is likely to be accepted.

tilt desperation offer

I wouldn’t do it. If he is playing all those guys for one team, he could end up crushing or failing hard. Best thing to do is have a wildcard in your back pocket. KC plays at 1pm see how they do and if you got a djax to flex if you need big points do it!