Aaron Rodgers Lamar Miller Trade

Would you trade Lamar Miller for Aaron Rodgers and Nelson Agholor? I currently have Cam Newton at QB (bye this week) and D Johnson Hunt Mixon Breida at rb

Can’t say i would. You have good depth at RB but i wouldn’t go trading it away for a QB. I would just stream a QB this week and look at upgrading at another position after this week.

Even with the possibility of flipping Aaron Rodgers next week once Cam is off bye? I did pick up Dalton off waivers to stream this week.

I have found that moving QBs is not the easiest thing. Even if it is Cam or ARod. It wouldn’t be easy to get back as good of trade value as lamar miller.

I’d keep Miller myself. Rodgers isn’t right and as much as I love Agholor, it speaks volumes that with Jeffery eyeing a return they STILL added Jordan Matthews (a guy who runs routes primarily from the slot… where Agholor has done most of his damage).