Aaron Rodgers

Anyone holding on to him?

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I was.

My only intent was to play him week 16, but then I changed my mind because I didn’t want to take the chance that by his return the Packers would be out of playoffs and McCarthy would just go with Hundley ROS so he could get some snaps (and avoid further injury to Rodgers).

While the above is one possible scenario, Aaron Rodgers wants to play and it’s hard to believe that he is ready to sit out until next season. Plus the GB fans want to see him play.

I think I’ll hold onto him. Pretty well set at flex, K and D. Would love to pickup Jamaal Williams in his spot but Rodgers could prove more valuable in the playoffs if nothing more to keep out of the opponents reach.

I’m gonna second what David said; Rodgers wants to play and I think that the Packers fans want to see him play so we (yes, I am a packer fan) don’t have to feel so bad about our pitiful season full of McCarthy blunders.

I want to pick him up too…but I mean…idk a lot of football players are genuinely stupid sometimes with their health. If I were Rodgers and his glass body I’d sit the rest of the season out cause why?! They aren’t going to make playoffs most likely and I just don’t see the value in him playing or if he would make have a 300+ yard 3 td game right off the bat.

Good Point, and there is no doubt that Rodgers will want to play as soon as possible.

What I’m kind of nervous about is this happened to his throwing side, 2013 happened to the non throwing side. The first match he’s projected to play in would be against the Panthers in Carolina.

If you really want to pick him up, I’d suggest having a backup available for Week 15 and only play him Week 16 at home against Minnesota, I’m aware the last game he played was in Minnesota where he got hurt and may want revenge in Lambeau. If he was 27, I’d feel more comfortable, but he’s 33 years old and I’m not as confident.

I am for the simple fact that I don’t want to risk facing him in the championship week if he does play.