AB and Mack for CMC and Sanders

So I just got offered this trade in my 10 team half point league. I had been doing well and the got hit for the injury bug and am a bit thin on RB now. I have M.Gordon, Sony, Breida, Mack and D.Martin at RB and Hopkins, AB, Kupp, J Brown and A.Rob at WR.
Should I make this trade or stay put?

Nah… I wouldn’t let AB go unless I got a sure thing at RB. I like CMC, but in a half point league, the lack of TD’s hurt CMC. Plus Car plays Bal this week, so if CMC owner is looking to move him, he’s trying before a potential stinker this week.

Stay put. Grab Mostert to back up Breida. CMC looking more middle range Rb1. Mack may meet him there if he keeps getting touches.