AB for AJ Green or TY Hilton

I own AB, was offered AJ Green + Fuller OR TY Hilton + Fuller for him. which should I take, if any?
My WR core is deep but average. AB, Lockett, Marvin Jones, Watkins, Ty Williams

It’s a tough situation. Common sense says to wait it out and see what happens - especially considering the draft capital you burned for AB in the first place. However, if the relationship is not reparable - and the Raiders release AB - then all your leverage is gone and you could potential lose him and your WR1 for a significant amount of time.

Just remember he’s the best receiver in the league by a decent margin. I have a share of him as well and am holding on to see what happens. I would personally recommend doing the same.

I would 100% not take either of those trades. AB could average 18 in one WR slot but the other two? You’d just be stacking your bench with flex players. At best, this is a wait and see. 80% chance this is not in your favor.

Best WR in the league is a huge stretch…especially with Derek Carr at QB and missing almost all of training camp. It’s possible he gets cut and ends up in a better situation. it’s also possible he goes the Andrew Luck route…

Tbh it looks like this week should be fine with Lockett and Jones. I would try to get Green And Ty if that would be possible.

Being the best WR in the league is not reliant on any other factors besides his own play and abilities. He is still the best - you literally cannot make an argument otherwise unless you are using the eye test as your barometer. The numbers don’t lie. His situation is certainly worse this year - but to act like he wouldn’t have produced is ridiculous. If the Raiders do release him, he gets picked up in less than 24 hours. In which case, he suits up for week 3 at the latest. Antonio Brown is not retiring lol.