AB for Josh Gordon trade?!

Half point PPR I just got offered this? Gordon was my flex, I a
Ready have Hopkins and Devonte Adams. Views?

I’d take this in a heartbeat. The Raiders need AB too much to cut ties with him. Gordon is too risky for me.

Hahaha my god. You lose sleep on either end of this trade. Both so bad with off the field…

My only tilt for Gordon is that he’s in a better offense.

I want to make assumptions about Oakland this year but it’s so tough. I don’t think they make decisions that make sense until they’re firmly grounded in Vegas. But. It’s Brown. There’s a lot of money on the line. And they will want him still when they’re a Vegas team. Fuck he’ll probably have his own show on the strip during off season using all this drama but he’s gonna tally up some damn yards this season whenever they figure it all out.

Much prefer Josh Gordon on the season.

Until Brown gets put on exempt list I’m happy with the trade