AB/Ingram for Caff/Evans

Full PPR.

Was just offered McAffrey and Mike Evans for my Ingram and AB…

My RBs:
J White
K Johnson

My WRs:
W Fuller
G Allison
D Baldwin
J Gordon

I wouldn’t mind having an RB 1 as my RB2 with James White in the Flex… especially considering Ingram had a real mediocre game without his 2 TDs. But if the Steelers continue to make it a point to go to AB then I just feel like I’m losing too much star power… but if Juju comes back to 10+ targets then I think I’d rather have Caff. My problem is with Evans… I dont know that I trust him. Sanders and Edelman are both on the table as well but Evans has more upside than those guys imo. Thoughts?