AB Landing Spot

So based off of AB’s twitter account it looks like he is not returning to Pittsburgh. In order of probability, I think he could go to Niners, Jets, or Dolphins. Am I missing a good potential spot for him? Where do you guys think he lands?


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I thought about them buuuuut they already have a no 1 receiver in Hilton and theres rumors they might get bell which means they can’t afford Brown

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I would think the Colts would be interested in Brown over Bell.

They have a stable, if not good, backfield already. They have only one WR.

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True. It’d be great for Luck if Brown went there!

As a chiefs fan of course i want him to come here. But, i think a likely spot is the browns. I think the giants has decent potential as well. I know, sounds odd at first but hear me out. Lets say they plan on riding eli out and they dont draft a QB. Your window just became really really small. Better load up on talent for a run. I really dont think this happens it was just a thought. Browns is my vote.

Now that I think of it, the Raiders is the most likely landing spot. He’ll fit right in with Gruden’s Grinders:

  • Doug Martin
  • Jordy Nelson
  • Brandon LaFell
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Jared Cook

Browns are intreresting, but do you think they really wanna add a potentially toxic player to a roster that finally seems to have turned itself around? Also, can the giants even afford Brown? I thought they gave Odell all their money

Can the Raiders afford him? They couldnt afford to pay Mack

They chose not to pay Mack. The 2018 Raiders was a “productive struggle” year, as Ryan McDowell likes to say. They tanked. Tanked on purpose.

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True but Oak seems so unstable right nowI don’t think Brown would even want to go there. Oak doesn’t even know what stadium they’re gonna play in at the moment

I mean, they just added hunt. They brought in landry, a well known drama queen, and drafted baker someone who has loud mouth on his resume. Plus john dorsey has a history of giving guys like this a chance. Marcus peters, tyreek hill, kareem hunt… i do think its very possible.

Also i dont remember what their cap is. That was just pure speculation no research behind it.

I think KC is going to focus on their defense in FA and the draft.

Sorry, I thought you were saying KC… ignore this.

So it looks like the Browns have about 75 mil in cap space. But adding Brown would eat a large chunk of that. It’d probably make more sense to target a cheaper WR in free agency since you’re already paying Landry like a number one. John Brown for instance could fit in well there

True he would eat a lot into it. But their D isnt going to get much better in FA, they would have to make some trades to get way better. And one of their biggest weaknesses is their WR core. They have a bunch of decent people but no one that really takes over. Landry is good but he isn’t, and hasnt really been a big impact player. AB can be that for them along with hunt and chubb. Can never have enough weapons. Plus they would still have a TON in cap after paying brown. I mean he is going to go somewhere, and its always going to eat into their cap apace heavy. The only thing that makes sense for it being a no, is i just looked but their cap numbers for 2020 are lower. But my counter argument to that is john dorsey is notorious for being awful with cap numbers. Im for sure not saying he is locked in going there, but it does make sense.

It’s a biiiiiiig contract to swallow though. And AB is past 30, he could suffer a big decline in a couple years potentially

yeah but he is going to go somewhere. potentially he wont even get traded because no one wants to pay that. then he would come cheaper. but right now, its a trade and someone will take it. might as well be one of the top 3 teams in cap space.

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He wants to go to the niners.

Houston is a big possibility, they have torn down their receiving corps since the dealine, and don’t have a sustainable #1 now.

You mean besides DeAndre Hopkins?

People really writing off Fuller eh?