AB, M. Ingram for B.Cooks and K. Johnson

Was offered A. Brown and M. Ingram for my B
Cooks and K. Johnson. Am I missing something obvious with this trade that I don’t take it? Full PPR
Rest of team RB- Barkley, Gordon, Conner, McGuire. WR- Baldwin, Godwin, Shepard, Sutton, T.Smith

Now he added another offer AB for Conner! Now which one ahould I take?

Do this and do it quickly, the upgrade AB gives your WR core is a massive win also Cooks still has the bye to come so you gain there. You have Barkley and Gordon as two stud RBs, adding a stud WR1 is a must for you. You have enough pieces to rotate WR2 and a flex play each week based on matchup - this is a win for you

You’re not missing anything, accept his gift of AB