AB, M. Thomas and A. Cooper for the #FootClanTitle

So my WRs are the three mentioned above.
Any regular week I would start AB and M. Thomas. But since this is for the championship game i do consider starting A. Cooper over one of them.
The thought process is, if Saints-Steelers turn in to a shootout just having one of those receviers might win me the week, but if the game turns out to be low scoring starting both of them might turn out to a L.
Would it be an idea to start Cooper? Or am I overthinking this?

I feel like you’re overthinking it. I also don’t think I could stomach a loss if one of those guys blew up on my bench.

I would almost bench MT for cooper. AB has always been a solid play but with brees sucking and MT not having good games I would almost play coop

I’d go ab and mt. My feeling is that the cowboys will run mostly in this game