AB or Barkley 5th pick standard

I’ve been contemplating this decision for weeks and I’m driving myself insane - send help.

Taking AB seems like the safest bet but my mocks always look like garbage when I take a WR first. I never like the RBs in the 2nd round so I end up taking another WR. Receiver/receiver is not a strat I go by but it seems to be working out like that when I’m taking AB.
Do I trust Barkley being the truth? I usually don’t take that kind of risk in the first round.

Head to head I would rather have AB than Barkley this season. But if you’d rather take the running back in the 1st I wouldn’t worry about Saquon being the truth. I don’t expect the Giants to make a Super Bowl run, but you don’t take a RB 2nd overall and not feed him the ball. Great talent & will give a good you a solid floor with his pass catching as well.

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I can’t argue against AB, but personally I’ve been taking Barkley and I like my team a lot more than the alternative. RB gets thin quick, and WR very much does not.

Is rather have Barkley and Allen/Adams/Green/MT than Brown and Cook/Mixon/DMV

Really, I’m probably going to have a hard time not taking RBs in the first two rounds, unless there’s an obvious WR value.


I take AB over barkley everytime and I actually really like the squads I get. But that’s cause I like doing Zero RB and I’m comfortable taking my shots on mid/late round RBs.

If that is not your comfort zone, take Barkley. Not really that much of a reach. Barkley should be a stud.